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The Consulting Genius is a cutting edge digital advertising agency that is headed up by former professional athlete Gregory Elliott Johns. Founded in January 2017, this leading internet marketing organization is perfectly positioned to help business owners grow their customer base through strategic organic growth leveraging the power of major search engines such as Google.

Gregory Elliott Johns looks to bring his competitive edge gained as a professional athlete of 20+ years to the websites of local, national and global business owners who are looking to take their brand to the next level.

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Mobile Optimization

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Link Strategy

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Company Size

SEO is not a one size fits all type of service. If you see an agency offering pricing packages then this is a sign that they are either over charging or not charging enough. The latter means that you are not going to receive a service that will get you to number one for you chosen keywords and the first – well no-one wants to be overcharged; do they!

Back Link Strategy

You may or not know what ‘back link strategy’ means right now but you will certainly know what it means by the end of your SEO campaign. Knowing how to implement your on-page SEO to rank for your target keywords is one thing but knowing how to implement and execute an effective back linking strategy is a completely different ballgame.

Customer Service

As a business owner you already know the importance of customer service. This is no different when employing digital marketing services and any company that you choose to work with should be able to provide a top quality experience for their customer.


Let’s be honest, when you are looking for an SEO company to work with you will be spoilt for choice. But finding a reputable firm will not be such an easy task. It is crucial that you not only take personal recommendations but you also look for online recommendations. If the company is worth their salt then they will have a range of recommendations and reviews.


The quality of service provided is crucial in this industry. This is an area that most clients have little knowledge as they don’t have the expertise to inspect the work implemented by their SEO company. To rank long term you will need quality on-page and off-page strategies to have been implemented and it takes time to achieve this.


Time is money’ in business and the time is always now in SEO. Every second that you are not taking action is a second where someone else is getting an advantage over you and taking your potential customers. Everyone is trying to vie for that coveted and lucrative number one search engine ranking in your niche and it will take time to achieve this.


Pricing is often the first question potential clients ask about and whilst it is an important factor when choosing an SEO company it is not the only factor. You should expect to pay a fair price based upon the potential for income and the competition within the niche.

Driven By Results

Any company that you work with should be able to provide you with results. Whilst we are not saying you should only work with a company that guarantees results (often this is not helpful), you should be able to work with a company that can back up what they say. You also need to be able to trust the company you employ which is why we spend time getting to know the businesses we work with before we start any project.


Your SEO company should be able to provide a detailed analytical report at set mutually agreed milestones along the way as well as ranking reports. It is also important that you can understand the information that is reported and that your contact is on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Return On Investment

As with any form of advertising it is important that you look to achieve a return on investment. We only work with clients who we think SEO will benefit and we do from time to time turn clients away if we think that SEO is not a good fit for their business.

By understanding the potential for increased revenue and the value of each and every customer to your business, we are able to forecast the potential value of SEO for your business right from the outset.



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